This is a very special moment in time.

This moment in time where we are all confronted with the corona-virus in all its ugliness and ruthlessness, is also a blink in history where we learn lots of lessons.
Political, emotional, family-related, occupational, money-wise, the way we depend on things and the way we find out we apparently don't do at all. This moment in time, this blink of an eye in history, may be the most important one in your lifetime.
That brings us to 1 question, maybe the most important question for you to think over:
What have you learned? What have you learned from corona?
Soon we will post the lessons people have learned and wished to share with you. The lesson(s) you have learned may be of importance to other people too. Why not share those? We want to learn from you to make other people learn from you too.
Share your lessons with us and with the rest of the world.
Share the way you experienced Corona. Teach others and learn from other people too.
Make your lesson count!